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One More Off My Bucket List!

I was so excited when David announced that he had purchased three (3) tickets for us to tour the Grand Canyon (through Arizona Tour & Travel / OpenRoadTourUSA.com).

St John, VI

Better late than never they say and I hope that you will agree. Check out these pics from St. John.

Magic Ice

Warm tropical breezes, lying on a soft sandy beach as the sun warms your skin and an umbrella drink in hand is a great way to spend your vacation but when you just HAVE to do something a bit different, check out Magic Ice. We had an amazing time@!

Ah. . . Vacation!

When did you last cross something off your bucket list? I was able to cross a biggie off mine recently. I think that this will require multiple posts to share all about it.

Cross Your Fingers

Cross your fingers that I can get some of this amazing wine! Will let you know.

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