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I Roku, Do You?

Once you get into the Empty Nest swing of things you also start thinking about wills, retirement and the like. The next thing you know you are beginning to analyze every dime that you have and where you spend it.

The Best Mother's Day Ever!

I hope your Mother's Day was fabulous! It was an amazing weekend!

Thank You!

It was not so long ago that I was helping my sister in law prepare Baby Shower announcements for Whitney. We did a Dr. Suess theme that was really adorable.

Mom's Project

They say that bathrooms and kitchens are what drive the price of a house. I have done both my guest bath and my master at my own home; the thought of rolling up my sleeves and getting busy doing another made me tingle with excitement. And I wonder why my kids call me the Project Queen!

Chips Anyone!

Half a bag of chips? Highway robbery.