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My First Weekend in Arizona

Spending some quality time in Arizona with the youngest daughter, who is also five (5) months pregnant. I have come out to relieve my sister in law from duties associated with the care of my father in law so that she can attend Coachilla, an outdoor music concert that lasts several days.

St John, VI

Better late than never they say and I hope that you will agree. Check out these pics from St. John.

Magic Ice

Warm tropical breezes, lying on a soft sandy beach as the sun warms your skin and an umbrella drink in hand is a great way to spend your vacation but when you just HAVE to do something a bit different, check out Magic Ice. We had an amazing time@!

Ah. . . Vacation!

When did you last cross something off your bucket list? I was able to cross a biggie off mine recently. I think that this will require multiple posts to share all about it.