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Oh Skutch

Last night I went to bed with a heavy heart. Our cat Skutch has gotten up there in years and was resting peacefully in her bed and getting ready to cross the heavenly bridge to be with our pets who have gone before her. I knew she would not make it through the night.

Boo Boo, I Love You!

Life is just not fair some times We get married, have a family and love them with our entire being. Then, too quickly, your house is empty and you are left to carry on. For many of us, that emptiness is filled with fur babies. They help to make us smile, allow us to nurture and love us.

Yeah Me!

I am a bit late in making this acknowledgement, but it has been eight (8 - YES EIGHT!) years since I took my last hit off of a cigarette!  My anniversary date is September 13, 2007.

The Better To See You With!

The older I get the worse my eyes get. I can remember way (way) back when I was younger and went in to have my eyes checked because I kept getting headaches. I was working on computers back then too.