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Can You Smell It?

When I prepare to add an entry to my blog I try and take a snap shot of what is going on in my life at that particular time.  Whether I share with you an event, or my feelings about something going on in the world or in my home, I am seldom at a loss for what to share.  This month I am!   My mind keeps focusing forward, the future holds much promise and joy.

Smoothie Anyone

I have been going to the gym each morning for the past several weeks. There was one week where I did not go because I had some sort of bug and I was miserable; but other than that you can find me at the gym every week day morning.

Pizzeria Bianco

Housemade mozzarella, housemade tomato sauce, fresh basil and great company; the ingredients for a great dining experience. When you travel to Phoenix make time in your schedule to check out Pizzeria Bianco and let your tastebuds go wild. Whether you join them for lunch and a sandwich or dinner and a pizza you are guaranteed to want to go back again, and again, and again!

Wings, Curly Fries & a Cold One

My dad would watch football on occasion but he was never one to plan his life around the TV, going to a stadium or hanging out with his male friends watching sports in his free time. I never saw him watch golf or basketball or anything else so I guess he was really not into sports too much. No Superbowl parties at my house! So it would be natural that I was never one to hang out in a sports bar and play pool except for a few years when I would frequent the local bar circuit to play darts (are those considered sports bars??).