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My Flea Market Purchase

On Saturday morning as I was sipping my coffee and thankful for a forecast without rain David said, "Let's go to the flea market. We have not been in quite some time." I thought yep, we have not been in quite some time. "Sure" was my response!

Happy Spring!

The past several months continue to be a blur. There is never enough time in a day to get anything done! Spring has sprung and the yard work list of things to be done is longer than the day is long; spring cleaning has not yet commenced in my house and that list I can not even give my attention to because I just might cry!

Got Your Fall Gardening Started?

I have taken the first step towards pulling together my fall gardens. Not sure if I will succeed on all fronts, some of my veggies are looking sad already. Time will tell. Where are you in your gardening efforts?

Adieu My Garden

My morning and evenings are generally spent with hose in hand making sure that my gardens are kept moist and the plants are happy! Of course, with all the rain lately time spent doing it has been greatly reduced, but I will miss my quiet time lovingly caring for each plant and watching my dahlias, gladiolas, lillies and irises bloom.