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Back In The Day

I sat dumbfounded recently as I watched the news and heard about a Maryland couple who have had their children taken away by CPS. Apparently this is not the first time.

Mom's Project

They say that bathrooms and kitchens are what drive the price of a house. I have done both my guest bath and my master at my own home; the thought of rolling up my sleeves and getting busy doing another made me tingle with excitement. And I wonder why my kids call me the Project Queen!

Happy Birthday Me!

It's my birthday and I guess I am feeling nostalgic or perhaps, just old. In the grand scheme of things I should not feel old yet. I am 56 and is considered middle age these days. My mom passed in her mid 60's and my dad hung on even longer; the genes are there. So what is this?

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 21st anniversary of marriage to my husband David! I know this sounds cliche but it went so very fast.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is in less than ten days. I keep opening up doors and shuffling through drawers, looking in the closet and walking out side to see if I can figure out where my holiday spirit went. So far I have not found a thing.

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