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Can You Smell It?

When I prepare to add an entry to my blog I try and take a snap shot of what is going on in my life at that particular time.  Whether I share with you an event, or my feelings about something going on in the world or in my home, I am seldom at a loss for what to share.  This month I am!   My mind keeps focusing forward, the future holds much promise and joy.

Smoothie Anyone

I have been going to the gym each morning for the past several weeks. There was one week where I did not go because I had some sort of bug and I was miserable; but other than that you can find me at the gym every week day morning.

Follow Up To The Shrinking Box

I receive a weekly newsletter from Consumer World and found an interesting article that supports the comments I made concerning my cereal box. Take a minute and check it out! More importantly, check out Consumer World and stay on top of things like this and more!

The Shrinking Box

My husband does my grocery shopping for me much of the time, I seldom do it any more.  It is one of those tasks that he took on after the kids all grew up. I like to sleep a little past 7 am on a Saturday morning and he gets up at 6 am regardless of the day of the week.    Once I am up I want to have my coffee and not rush ANY WHERE. 

Yes, I know, I work from home how much rushing can I do each day, but I just want to put the clicker in my hand, watch the news and relax on the couch on a Saturday morning.  If David wants to go to the grocery store and do the shopping, have at it.    I am not about to argue.  

The only problem with this is that I do not always get what I want into the house (David is a junk food junkie and I do not like junk in the house because I WILL eat it).  When I do get to go shopping I am always amused at how much some things change and other things remain the same.