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I'm Trying

I am trying to stay true to my word and remember to get a blog into place more often than not again. So far, so good! The topic for today? My upcoming trip to Scotland!

I met Cheryl in Mass when a bad snowstorm put the residents of a beautiful duplex heated by electric reaching out to each other to stay warm and fed. Our duplex had a door that allowed us to roam from one apartment to the other and we all moved into one side together (Cheryl and her roommate Katie and us) where we hung up a big thick blanket at the bottom of the stairway to keep the heat from the gas stove downstairs. Looking back I have to ask who puts in a gas stove and electric heat in Mass? Not very smart!

It was the beginning of a few good friendships. We moved to Florida from that apartment and left them behind but for a few years we all stayed in touch. A few Christmas cards, a trip back to visit and they took a visit to come see me; a few marriages and divorces and . . . life too over and while we thought of each other, the contact became non existent.

Fast forward to about three years ago. I am sitting at my desk in my office when the house phone (the one that we use just for non personal use but has been in place for forever). I lend one ear like I always do because 99% of the time, it is a solicitor and wait to hear who it is after the beep.

All of a sudden i hear this voice that sounds oddly familiar but I can't put my finger on who it is. I got up and went into the kitchen where the answering machine was to listen a bit better when I hear, "I am not sure what your last name is now, and I am hoping it is you, but . . . we got snowed in together and became friends."

I grabbed the phone and said hello and Cheryl said, "Sindi? Is that you?" and that was the beginning of our frGlasgowiendship starting over. Katie has passed away and the kids are grown now, but it is like the old days!

Well, to try and shorten this up a bit and get to the important part, in early October 2016 Cheryl called to ask me if I remembered her birthday was coming up soon. I thought it was a bit odd as Cheryl would never remind you of her birthday to get a gift and quietly said, "yes". I figured something had to be up!

Something was! She said, "I know David lets you go to see the kids for weeks at a time but would be let you go with me on a trip?" I was like, of course, what do you have in mind? "Scotland" she said! "Scotland I asked?

Not my dream trip; not that Scotland would not be a great place to go. I am part Scot so it's in my blood, but Scotland? "Well" she said, "My dad (who died when she was young from ALS) was from Scotland and I always wanted to go and check out his family roots.


So,she stumbled in trying to pull together something by looking on the internet when I said I know a travel agent or two, let's get the professionals to pull together our trip for us. And, the rest they say is history!

Our trip is a bus tour through Scotland. We extended the trip with a side trip to the family home town of Aberdeen for Cheryl, so we will be gone a total of 12 days!

We fly into Glasgow the day before the tour begins so we'll have two days in Glasgow sight seeing and getting acclimated to our new time zone. Our tour ends in Edinburg with a full day of sight seeing there. The next morning after breakfast we grab the train to Aberdeen! We have two days there and then we fly out of Aberdeen back to Orlando.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate all the work that Michele at World Wide Adventures put into planning our trip for us. She thought of EVERYTHING and has been amazing. You can visit her website at WorldWideAdventures.com. While Scotland is to her specialty, she did an amazing job of pulling our trip together for us. If you are looking for someone to plan your trip for you; you need to give her a call! Tell her Sindi sent you! 

More to come about the trip over the next few months. In the meantime, we continue to rehab our house and one of our guest bathrooms has been gutted. Stay tuned for some pics sooner than later!