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It's Been Too Long

So, it's been quite a while since I last generated a blog on either one of the websites. Life had gotten so crazy and while I thought of this space very often, I could never quite find the time to come and share it with you!

I will get into the details in later blogs but let's say that we thought big! We had a house that was in dire need of updating and care and David and I spent just about a year (almost every weekend, most holidays and many nights) getting it done. We also finished up some updates for our own home that we had not yet completed and sold both to purchase another home. All in the span of about 18 months - talk about crazy times!

My father-in-law left us and joined my mother-in-law in heaven. He will be greatly missed but I know that his ability to speak and care for himself and see Dee Dee has him not looking back at all!

My son James moved back home shortly after his daughter was born. My home has not only increased by his presence but also with that of my grand daughter Brielle half the time. The days of made beds, clean floors and quiet have been replaced by this laughing, spunky and lovable wee person that lights up my life.

David and I have become "campers". We purchased a used travel trailer and have been finding our down time along the shores of Central Florida. There is something so relaxing about waking up to the fresh air of the outdoors, a good cup of coffee and some eggs and bacon on the griddle. Life does not get much better than when we are camping!

While there were times of worry and concern, prayers and tears; our lives are filled with such love, good times and family. I promise to start creating my blogs again and sharing the world through the eyes of an empty nester; it's never a dull moment!