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Boo Boo, I Love You!

Life is just not fair some times We get married, have a family and love them with our entire being. Then, too quickly, your house is empty and you are left to carry on. For many of us, that emptiness is filled with fur babies. They help to make us smile, allow us to nurture and love us.

I am reflecting on memories of a wee black puppy with one white paw, making her way from one person fo another in a pet store oh so long ago. I had let Whitney and two of her friends go to the pet store in the plaza while I did some grocery shopping for dinner after she had finished cheerleading for a football game up in Cocoa. I had little in the house for dinner that evening and was low on patience after a long day with several teens in the car, their request to not walk the isles of Winn Dixie with me was met with approval. My parting comment was to not make me chase them down and to give me 15 minutes and I would meet them at the car.

Yeah, you guessed it. I got my groceries and put them in the trunk and the kids were no where to be found. Off I went to the pet store, a bit irritated as I was ready to go home! I looked towards the pet store hoping to see them on their way to the car; they were no where in sight. Into the pet store I stomped.

We were not in the market for a dog and I had no desire to increase the size of our household with four kids, two dogs and a cat already in residence. I saw Whitney and her two friends near the back of the store standing in a tight circle with one of the workers in the store. In Whitney's arms was this little black Peekingese puppy all squirmy and bobbing around, licking her chin over and over and over again. Whitney was giggling loudly and smiling from ear to ear. As I walked up the puppy was making her way from Whitney to her two other friends, each giggling and laughing out loud as this wee little furball licked and wiggled with joy. The louder their laughter the quicker she licked.

I tried to get the kids to follow me before I got too close, I am a softie when it comes to puppies, kittens and babies. Of course, the store worker was doing her best to keep the kids engaged with the puppy to draw me in -- it was the beginning of the end. I joined the group and was added to those who giggled and laughed as this sweet pupppy made her way into my arms. Our budget had no room for her but my heart could not say no.

She was named Boo Boo because of her big eyes. Her eyes were huge and when you looked at her they were all you could see, filled with happiness, love and joy. A bit bossy in nature, she has never lost that love for everyone, the bounce in her step or her ability to wrap you around her little paw. She and Yogi blessed us with four little male puppies, Carmel is the runt from that litter that we kept. She has lived a goood life!

Boo Boo is on her way to cross over the bridge to visit with our pets of the past; some more recent than others but all missed and thought of often. David took her a few months back as she has been a bit less excited about life and feeling the effects of her age (14/15 years). He had called from the vets and said that she might have a few more months left and could he bring her home. I felt so awful because I had kind of given him a nudge to take her as she was not enjoying life anymore; through tears I said yes. .Once she was home again I regretted my answer; she is just not happy any more and I had to love her enough to let her go. It is now that time to follow through and fight through the pain of loss; for her, because we love her so.

Zima, Phoebe, Yogi and Sebastian all come to mind as those who will greet her on the other side of that bridge. The most recent to have gone are Phoebe and Yogi a little more than two years ago. How exciting for her to be welcomed with the same love and joy that she brought into our lives. I can only imagine their meeting and how welcomed she will feel - - and how loved.

While my heart is heavy with the loss of our beloved pet, I know that Boo will be excited at her new found "health". She will have the use of both eyes again, ears that are no longer so clogged that she can not hear, and the incessant scratching and circling because of the skin irritation will have disappeared. She will be pain-free, full of vim and vigor and happy to romp with the others. How could we have kept her from this new found health so long just to make our hearts feel better? I know she knows that this trip with David this morning, and my sorrowful goodbyes, are why we may have kept her just a bit longer than we should have. You are so hard to say good bye to Boo!

David just sent me a text, she is at peace now. Rest in peace, may you be free to romp with your family on the other side in large fields; eat as many dog biscuits as you want, and always know how much you changed our lives!