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Smoothie Anyone

I have been going to the gym each morning for the past several weeks. There was one week where I did not go because I had some sort of bug and I was miserable; but other than that you can find me at the gym every week day morning.

This has been a long time coming for me. I have tried to work out at home. was walking Espy every night and had gotten the distance of my walk up there but circumstances made it impossible for us to keep up the pace. Too many people let their dogs roam.

So, when two friends of mine told me they were members of Planet Fitness and that I could come to the gym as their guest, I did not hesitate to take them up on their offer. After about two weeks of showing up when they were there I signed up for the $10 plan and am now a card carrying Planet Fitness member! I can go any time, any day and have been doing so regularly.

I am pretty healthy in my eating habits. Not saying I don't like the occasional sweet or deep fried piece of chicken; I do! (I love dessert - that is my favorite part of a meal!). I am aware of a history of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes in the family and if I plan on spending time with those grand babies of mine for years to come I need to watch what I put into my mouth.

I have a Ninja Pro something or the other that David got me years ago. Love the thing! I use it to make home made sauce and to chop up veggies and blend my favorite icy drinks; it is just not the best when trying to blend up a smoothie full of kale, carrots and blackberries! I have little seeds throughout and the straw keeps getting clogged with the fiber because it is not broken down enough.

I got a juicer and it works great except that most of the fiber went into my compost pile. My flowers look great but I KNOW that some of that fiber would look great on me too. It is a lot of work to chop up the fruit and then to clean the machine when done. And, it is never quite cold either. I was always pouring my juice mixture over ice to get it cold; who likes warm juice?

I ran across a deal too good to pass up and picked up a Nutri Bullet a few weeks ago at Kohls. It was discounted to a great price, I had some Kohl's cash and a coupon for 30% off; the deal was just too good to pass up! I was tickled with my purchase and ran to the grocery the next day to grab some of those amazing fruits and veggies that will help me towards that slimmer me I am looking for.

The machine came with a recipe book that did include some smoothie recipes. I was anxious to see how it worked when it came to liquifying those leafy greens, hard veggies and seeds. I must say I was very pleased with the results. The machine came with a couple of different blending cups and tops for those cups that make them more portable.

When I make my smoothie I just pour it into a big glass I have, drop in a straw and I am good to go. Rinsing the blending cup and the blender mechanism right after I make a smoothie makes clean up super quick and easy. This is my pride and joy appliance now!

I am great at throwing together all kinds of veggies, juices, water and fruits to create a concoction of flavor. I have leafed through the recipe book and found some ideas that have provided me with several favorites. Right now my absolute favorite is a chocolate cherry smoothie. The chocolate cherry smoothie has unsweetened almond milk (about 4 ounces), ice, frozen black cherries and a teaspoon of raw cacao powder. It is to die for, is low in calories and very healthy.

Black cherries are very healthy and help provide anti-inflammatory properties, the anthocyanin compounds of the fruit help with arthritis pain, is beneficial for the heart by lowering lipid levels and reduceing the risk of stroke, as well as helps to prevent cancer and more. Raw Cacao powder has powerful antioxidant properties and cardiovascular benefits and can help decrease oxidation of low-density lipoproten (or LDL - the bad cholesterol). Some research shows that the antioxident properties of raw cacao can even help to prevent cancer.

This is not only a healthy smoothie but a tasty one that goes down really easy! I try to do 3 or 4 of these smoothies a week and look forward to having them as it dissolves that craving for sweets and chocolate - it's all in this smoothie.

I hope I can stay with the program I am on, and having tasty meals will certainly go a long way in giving me the fortitude and desire to do so. This does not mean that I don't throw some kale, gala apples, pineapple and berries together with yogurt and have a much different taste sensation going on. Let's face it, sugar and carbs are on their way out (at least greatly reduced carbs are in), good oils over bad oils and lots of fruit and vegetables are in. Along with watching my portion size and counting calories I have dropped six (6) lbs. I would love to drop more - - and more quickly, but I have to remember that health is for the long haul.

Got a smoothie recipe that is to die for? Share it with me, I'd love to check it out.