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The Best Mother's Day Ever!

There are those days in your life that you never forget. Your first kiss, your marriage proposal, your first house, when your children are born, and when you become a grand parent.

My best memory of Andru was while working in Chicago and getting a text from my son telling me that Jess, my daughter in law, had gone into labor. Those around me helped to keep me excited and grounded as we awaited word that my first grand child arrived.

John had asked David for permission to ask Whitney to marry him just after Thanksgiving. John lived up to all my expectations by presenting Whitney with a beautiful engagement ring as her final Christmas present. My Skype session to hear all about it included a very special gift for me - they announced that they were expecting.

James and Nique have not been "together" for a long time but she has been involved with the family for many years; she was one of Rhi's best friends through Jr High and High School. She and James developed a friendship back in 2013 that did not look like it would go any where but has blossomed into something special.

I have been waiting for the announcement of their engagement for some time. The signs have been there! They sent a picture of their hands as he held up her hand with a beautiful diamond on her ring finger; they were just trying on rings! He's saved his money and just before Easter shared with me that he would be taking her ring shopping soon. He declined my request to join them :-D

So, when they asked if we could celebrate Mother's Day on Friday night (Nique works nights and weekends), I was excited to see them and secretly hoped that I would be given the news I was waiting on.

We ate our pizza with no discussion on engagement. We talked about Tessa and how big she is getting and when she and Whitney are coming to town. We talked about work, and the weather and my girlfriends Annette & Cheri. There was no mention of an engagement and a ring was no where in sight.

Nique handed James her car keys and asked her to go out and grab the presents off the front seat. James had already given me a beautiful vase of flowers so I was surprised at her request. He returned with two presents and two cards.

Nique handed me the largest and biggest box; I shook it but had no idea what it could be. Once opened it was a beautiful melamine platter, salad bowl and tongs for my use in the back yard done in blue, white and yellow. Very pretty! I love it!

She handed me a second gift, a lot smaller than the first. When I shook it it sounded like seed packages. You know . . when you shake a package of seeds, that shisshing sound it makes! I thought they had gotten me some seeds for my back yard!

As I tore away the paper I noticed a white picture frame. Hmmm, my picture frames are dark; not that white is not nice, but she pays so much attention to detail I can't believe she missed that.

Hmmmm. . . as I tore away the paper I saw a grainy white and black image in the middle of the frame. A soft and delicate white bow was above the picture and below it was the gold lettering, "Love at first site".

I immediately looked up at them both, eyes welling up with tears and asked, "Are you pregnant?". She met my question with a smile and James said, "maybe!".

I burst into tears and hugged them both and then finally sat down to get some details. Expected due date is November 6th. She is 15 weeks and hoping that she will find out what sex the baby is when she goes for her next sonogram on the 26th.

This Nana is stoked! I will keep you posted . . . I am sure!