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Wanna Go For A Drive?

When did the roads get so freaking nuts?

I had to take off on Friday and work from a coworkers house as a transformer in my area blew up. According to FPL, it would take several hours to repair. Since I work from home and would be without a connection for several hours, I needed to get some where that had an internet. Toby's house was where I went!

I am not too far off the highway and he is not either so taking the highway was a no-brainer. The trip up was pretty uneventful but coming home was an entirely different story.

A doctors appointment had me leaving his house early afternoon. A simple trip, I got on the highway in reverse of my trip in the morning. I had to go one more exit south of the exit I left that morning. Not a big deal as the exits are really not that far apart.

My kids call me granny when I drive. I can, and often do, change lanes; I just don't do it every two seconds in a good amount of traffic. I do abide by the speed limit and it is not uncommon for me to drive right at the speed limit or just about 4 miles over it. I am not one to push the boundaries when it comes to speed. I like to enjoy my drive too. Let's face it, for some of you; you spend a good amount of your day behind the wheel, why not enjoy the ride.

I believe that if you need to get some where fast then you need to leave early enough to get there on time. Don't get behind the wheel of the car for a trip that will take you 30 minutes and expect to be there in 20. People who crawl up my ass when I am waiting to take a right hand turn, beeping the horn because I am not willing to endanger myself by pulling out with barely enough room to sneeze to make the turn; make me nuts. I have been responsibile and know that I can take my trip to where ever I am going and have enough time to get there, and then some.

When I lived in South Florida I drove from the west to the east, near the beach; to work. It was not uncommon to be sitting at a red light and waiting for an open to take the right and have some jack ass beeping their horn behind you. There is nothing worse than an idiot ruining your calm and orderly morning drive to work. There were a few times when I would get out of my car and walk to the loud, obnoxious and amazed driver behind me and tell them to get up ten minutes earlier and leave ten minutes earlier and perhaps they would not feel compelled to push me down the road to get to work or lay on the horn every opportunity they got. I am not sure if the amazement at my approaching their vehicle kept them speechless or the simplicity of how to resolve their daily fevent and hurried drive to work was the reason.

My trip from Toby's included the usual speeding suspects, traveling down the left lane at high rates of speed. When the traffic got a bit thicker, those usual suspects began to do their weave and bob from lane to lane in their efforts to get where they were going. Honestly, will acting like this really get you there that much quicker?

Mr. Large Pick Up with extra big wheels on it, a big aluminum grill affixed to the front of the vehicle; comes roaring up behind me from some where in the back of the pack, to swerve around me like a lunatic. Being that high up on the ride, he had to see there were several cars in front of me, a few to the right and the faster moving cars were coming up on the left and making their way by us. Not zooming by, but getting by us a bit quicker than the rest of the pack.

He could not just move to the left lane (I was in the center) once there was an opening but had to come right up to the back of my car and then quickly swing the truck over into the left lane. As he zoomed by me he did that big, I am a real man manuever! He swerved the truck back over in front of me just a milimeter from my front end. Really? You got all of what, one car length ahead of me and you had to act like you are king of the road and be a road bully?

Ok, maybe it was not a milimeter away from my front end but he did tap his brakes to make a point he felt he had to make and I had to hit mine to keep from hitting the back of his vehicle. (Well, I probably would not have hit him as the tap was well placed but going down the road at 70 mph, who plays? You see brake lights, you hit your brakes!)

I am sure you have seen this. Mr. Large Pick Up next begins swerving back and forth in the center lane. He can't go to the right because there is a car there and, he can't go to the left because there is a car there. He keeps up the swerving until the guy to the left picks up speed a bit to get ahead of the pack and move over to the center lane. The guy who was behind him got the message quick when he realized Mr. Large Pick Up wanted him to move too! A small opening allowed Mr. Large Pick Up to squeeze (yes, I said squeeze. I am sure there was more space than I think there was for the manuever but why?) his way into the left lane and crawl up the butt of the guy who had just sped up until he too, sped down the road and moved over to the center lane to give this idiot an empty lane.

I know, who cares that idiots roam the roads. There are idiots to be encountered in every aspect of our lives. I just get frustrated because when I get behind the wheel of a car it is not about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible; it is about driving with care and getting to where I need to go without injuring myself or anyone else. It is not a race, a competition or an ego stroke as you crawl up the back end of someone to get them to move out of your way. We talk about bullies who beat up people with their words; the actions here are nothing more than a bully behind the wheel of a car.

Slow down America! Some of us would like to get behind the wheel of our vehicles and get to where we are going in one piece. If you like the blood rush that driving like a maniac gives you then become a Nascar driver or, better yet; spend your weekends at Andretti driving the track cars there. Less chance of hurting others!